JULY | Best Summer Bass Fishing Baits

JULY | Best Summer Bass Fishing Baits

This month's MONSTERBASS box is packed with exciting baits for your summer fishing adventures. We made sure that the guidebook gave you all the instructions and how

During the summer, the behavior and feeding patterns of bass change, and you need to adjust your fishing techniques accordingly. Let's take a look at how to fish each of the mentioned baits during the summer:


Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil:

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil is a topwater lure that mimics injured baitfish on the water's surface, making it highly effective for summer bass fishing, especially during low light conditions in the early morning or late evening.

Technique: To fish the Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil, use a "walk-the-dog" retrieve. Cast the lure near cover, such as submerged vegetation, fallen trees, or rocky structures. With a twitching motion of your rod tip, make the bait dart back and forth on the water's surface, imitating a wounded baitfish. Pause briefly between twitches to allow the bass to strike. Be patient and observant, as strikes can often come right after the pause.



The MONSTERBASS Rollo 6 is a versatile crankbait suitable for targeting bass at various depths. During the summer, bass may be found at different water levels due to heat and oxygen considerations.

Technique: Cast the MONSTERBASS Rollo 6 parallel to the shoreline or over submerged structures, such as drop-offs, points, and humps. Let the crankbait dive down to the desired depth (this will depend on the model and line used). Retrieve the lure with a steady, moderate retrieve, allowing it to bump into cover or structure occasionally. Vary the speed of your retrieve to find the best action that triggers strikes. The Rollo 6's tight wobble and realistic appearance make it an enticing meal for summer bass.


Z-Man Chatterbait Elite with Z-Man GOAT trailer:

The Z-Man Chatterbait Elite is a popular bladed swim jig that creates vibration and flash, attracting bass from a distance. Paired with the Z-Man GOAT as a trailer, it offers a realistic profile and enticing movement.

Technique: Cast the Chatterbait Elite along weed edges, around submerged vegetation, and near shallow cover where bass might be holding during the summer. Use a steady retrieve with occasional pauses and hops to mimic a fleeing baitfish or crawfish. The bladed design of the Chatterbait will produce vibrations that bass can sense, even in murky water. The GOAT trailer adds extra action and entices strikes. Experiment with the retrieve speed and depth until you find what triggers the most bites.

Lifted Jigs Sup Jig paired with the Big Bite Baits Scensation Ramtail:

The Lifted Jigs Sup Jig is a versatile finesse jig designed to mimic small prey and entice bass in various situations. When paired with the Big Bite Baits Scensation Ramtail, which acts as a trailer, it creates a compelling presentation for summer bass.

Technique: Cast the Sup Jig around cover, such as rocks, submerged structures, and vegetation, which are common summer bass hangouts. Work the jig slowly along the bottom, allowing it to bump into cover and mimic a crawfish or small baitfish foraging on the lake floor. Use subtle hops and pauses to make the trailer's tail flutter enticingly, further attracting bass. This combination is especially effective in clear to slightly stained waters, where a more finesse approach can produce excellent results.


Reaction Strike XRM80-MD:

The Reaction Strike XRM80-MD is a medium-diving crankbait that excels in covering larger areas and locating actively feeding bass during the summer.

Technique: Cast the XRM80-MD parallel to the shoreline or over submerged structures, such as points, humps, and drop-offs. Use a steady retrieve, allowing the crankbait to dive to its intended depth. The XRM80-MD's medium diving depth is ideal for exploring the water column where bass might be holding. The crankbait's wobbling action and realistic color patterns attract bass from a distance, making it an effective search bait. Vary your retrieve speed until you find the sweet spot that triggers strikes.

General Tips for Summer Bass Fishing:

  1. Early mornings and late evenings are prime times for topwater and shallow fishing. During these periods, consider using topwater lures, like buzzbaits or poppers, to target active bass.

  2. As the sun rises and temperatures increase, bass may move to deeper water to find cooler and more oxygen-rich environments. Switch to deeper-diving lures, like crankbaits and jigs, to target bass at various depths.

  3. Pay attention to the water temperature, as it can influence bass behavior. In warmer water, bass may be more active during low light conditions and become less active during the hottest parts of the day. Adjust your fishing times accordingly.

  4. Use natural and realistic bait colors during the summer, as bass can become more selective in their feeding choices.

  5. If you encounter sluggish or inactive bass, try a slow and subtle presentation, such as dragging a worm or jig along the bottom, to entice strikes.

Always be observant and adaptable when fishing in the summer. Bass can exhibit various behaviors and preferences depending on the specific body of water and prevailing conditions. By employing the right techniques and experimenting with different presentations, you can maximize your chances of catching summer bass successfully.

Good luck and tight lines!

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