MONSTERBASS Presents the Seeker Crankbait Series

Oct 04, 2021 Fishing Tips

Developed to Attack Every Level of the Water Column

By: Shaye Baker

There are a few special features that set the MONSTERBASS Seeker crankbaits apart from the pack, and some high-end characteristics that put them in a class with only a handful of others.

A neat, and refreshingly unique series of crankbaits, the Seeker comes in three dive depth options: Seeker 6 (a 6-foot diver), Seeker 8 (an 8-foot diver), and Seeker 12 (you guessed it! A 12-foot diver). Available in 18 premium colors, the Seeker has the mid-range of the water column covered when it comes to cranking.

MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbait

Unique Bill Design

I rarely use the term ‘unique’ when talking about a fishing lure. Chances are there’s one (in a million other baits) out there that has a similar feature, and inevitable, someone will call me out about on social media. With that risk in mind, I still hold that the bill design of the Seeker is unique.

I’ve seen some pointed bills on a crankbait, and a lot of rounded ones, but the bill on the Seeker is a combination of both. It’s almost like a rounded-off diamond shape with a thick base where it meets the body of the bait. The resulting action is that the Seeker dives fast and straight but has a hunting action that resembles what you’d see with a Wiggle Wart. It truly does seem to “seek” out its prey when hunting. Hence the name Seeker.

MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbait

Magnetic Weight Transfer System

Whereas the bill design sets the Seeker apart, the magnetic weight transfer system is what puts this bait into a class with only a few others. I have seen only a handful of companies implement this technology over the last few years, and it’s a feature that I’m a big fan of. Basically, there’s a chamber within the bait that houses a metal ball. This ball is allowed to roll around in the chamber until it rolls over a magnet in the front of the bait that locks it into place.

When the ball is locked into place, the bait is well-balanced for fishing. But when you go to cast, as you load the bait up in your backcast, you’ll hear the ball dislodge from the magnet and slam into the tail as it makes its way through the chamber. This puts the weight of the bait on the tail end, making it more aerodynamic, thus helping the bait cast farther and straighter. A really nice touch.

MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbait

A Little More Action

The unique bill design gives the Seeker its unique hunting action, but once the bait gets down to its designed depth, it stays down. It has a true action with a little bit of erratic action mixed in, but it doesn’t blowout to one side like you see with a lot of baits that shoot for this type of action.

It’s best to start the bait off slow when you first reel it, letting the bill catch and dig in to start the dive off clean. But after that, you can burn the bait back fast without having to worry about the dreaded blowout—where some crankbaits death spiral back to the boat.

The whole lineup of Seeker crankbaits are fast floating, which makes them great for coming over cover. If you bump into something hard or feel your bait digging in and getting stuck, simply pause your retrieve for a few seconds and the bait will float free of the obstruction.

MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbait

Red Hook and Other Details

Upon close inspection, you can see some of the finer details of this bait. The big eyes and intricacy of the scales and gill plates are reminiscent of the high-end baits I’ve seen from Japanese lure designers. I’m a sucker for pretty bait, and these are pretty baits.

I also like the hooks. A lot! And I’ve noticed these hooks on a few of the MONSTERBASS baits. They’re Japanese Kitana treble hooks. Very sharp and effective. The front hook is red, which is meant to key the bass in on the center of the bait, giving the angler the best chance of connecting with the fish. And from my personal experience with the Seeker, the front hook is what the bass had hold of most of the time.

MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbait

Available in 18 colors and 3 different depth ranges, the Seeker series of crankbaits from MONSTERBASS will add several weapons to your arsenal. With a unique bill design and an action few others have been able to pull off, the Seeker is a bait I’d certainly recommend trying. And at $10.00, it’s packed full of high-end design details for a reasonable price. Super sharp trebles, detailed body work and a magnetic weight transfer system for improved castability typically push the price tag of a bait like this a little higher. A quality bait for any price and a bargain if you’re looking for a crankbait that’s a little bit different.

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Seeker 6

Seeker 8

Seeker 12

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