Fishing Tips

Catch More Perch with Monsterbass
Ice fishing season is here for some of us and close for many more! Winter is the best time to target cold-water fish like perch, and Josh of BendIt Fishing has all of the tips and tricks you need to catch perch and panfish through the ice of a shallow, grassy pond. Check out the action of some of the best lures and jigs for the ice, and watch the perch bite on the underwater cam!
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The 2021 Big Bass Championship
MONSTERBASS presents the Big Bass Championship! Have you ever wanted to participate in a fishing tournament, that was competitive, organized and easy to join with out huge entry fees? NOW YOU CAN! And the best part is.... It's online and everyone...
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National Random Acts of Kindness Day
In honor of National Acts of Kindness Day, I'm inviting you to join my VIP List for FREE. Literally it is 100% FREE to join. No credit card required.   Become  a VIP today and I'll send you exclusive unpublished offers on fishing...
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