Fishing Tips

Best Bass Fishing Lures Post Spawn

By Shaye Baker

Bass are moving off the beds across a good portion of the country as we enter into the post spawn phase. This period of the year can make for some pretty tough fishing at times. The fish are on the move and often times reluctant to bite in the early post spawn, as they’re trying to recover from the grueling spawning process. Today, we’re going to look at 5 great baits for the early post spawn period which will help you catch more bass.

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Ways to Rig a Stick Bait and Catch More Fish
The stick bait, or artificial worm is one of the most commonly used baits in all of bass fishing. Beginner anglers often have stick baits in their tackle box, and pros have won countless tournaments using this style of bait. Put simply, stick baits catch fish everywhere. Here are some of the best ways to rig a stick bait and draw your next bite!
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Jerkbait Tips for Catching Winter Bass
Winter can be the most difficult season to go bass fishing. When the water gets cold and the bass are lethargic, they may seem uninterested in baits that perform well in warmer temperatures. During times like this, a jerkbait can be one of the few things that will trigger a bite and kick the skunk.
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A Pro's Review of the MONSTERBASS January Box
Looking for some expert advice on the baits in our January box? Look no further. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chad Pipkens breaks down each and every bait in this box, whether or not they are legit, and how he fishes them. Winter or summer, this box is full of baits that get bit year-round. Take it from Chad, who caught a 7 pounder on one of them...
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January Ice Fishing: Our Best Ice Box Yet?

Looking to get ahead on the hard-water this year? Ice fishing season is officially on and the January 2022 ice box has the tools for you to catch your PB this winter! This box is loaded with baits that have proven to be successful through the ice, and we break it down and explain how to use each lure included. 

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