Barrett Dam was completed by the City of San Diego in 1922, creating Barrett Reservoir. Located at the confluence of Cottonwood and Pine Valley creeks, Barrett Reservoir is in a remote area approximately 35 miles east of San Diego. Located behind locked gates in a remote area of San Diego County and closed for many years, access has been offered on a limited basis by reservation only since 1994. Barrett Reservoir has a water storage capacity of 34,805.5 acre feet. Water levels are monitored weekly.

The reservoir is open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. There are no concession facilities at Barrett, and no drinking water available. Patrons must bring all lures, food, water, etc., with them. No glass containers are allowed. No motor homes are permitted due to limited parking and low overhead on the entrance road. Pets are not allowed. Due to the fact that the entrance road passes through private property, all parties must be escorted on and off the premises.

The fishing season is May through September. Ticketmaster (619-220-8497) handles all reservations for Barrett fishing. Reservations are available one month at a time, always beginning on the second Tuesday of the month before at 7 p.m. Reservations are $80, plus Ticketmaster's normal fees. One reservation is good for up to four people and includes a boat and motor. Plus each person must purchase a daily fishing permit at Barrett for $20 per person (cash only) and those anglers 16 years of age or older must have a California state fishing license. Fishing licenses are not available at Barrett.

There is a limit of one reservation per household (same address or computer) on the first day reservations go on sale. After the first day if there are any reservations remaining, then patrons can purchase as many reservations as they want. Ticketmaster will sell one-half the reservations per day on its web site and one-half at the call-in center. Photo ID of the reservation holder will be required at the Barrett, and all parties on that reservation must enter at the same time.

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