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Covered in an exciting combination of flappers, legs, and appendages, the Xcite Baits Hawgalicious provides a look and a movement that fish simply can't ignore. Great for flipping, split shotting, and as an animated jig trailer, the Xcite Baits Hawgalicious is loaded with mouthwatering Xcite attractant, which ensures that it is as tasty as it is attractive. This bait ships in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 5.5"
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at www.xcitebaits.com

The Hawgalicious has a variety of applications - from being rigged on a weighted Texas rig, to pairing it up with your favorite jig, this bait can be used with many techniques.  The preferred technique is to rig this bait Texas-Rig style, paired with 4/0 EWG hook and a flipping weight, you can put this bait in the heart of the thickest cover or drag it slowly along the bottom to catch big bass.  Choosing a weight for your presentation will depend on the type of area that you’re fishing - use lighter weights for open water (3/16 - 3/8 oz) and go up in size as needed for flipping or punching into heavy cover - use the lightest weight possible to still get your bait where the fish are living. Typically fished on a baitcasting setup, a 7’0 -7’6” Medium Heavy to Heavy power rod is recommended.  Line size will also change depending on the presentation that you choose. When fishing cleaner water or in open water situations, fluorocarbon line is recommended (15-20lb test), but when fishing dirty water or around heavy cover, many anglers opt for braided line (50-65 lb test braid) with a baitcasting setup.

  • Reel:  7:1:1+
  • Rod:  7’-7’6 MH Fast action 
  • Line: 12-20lbs fluorocarbon

The Hawgalicious features a thicker body than standard creature baits, which allows for more durability and moves more water.  It is also easily customizable by choosing which appendages you want to leave on the bait - can even be used on the back of a jig when fish are keying in on bigger baits.  If fishing this on the back of a jig, we recommend that you trim the bait down to about 4” in length and thread it onto the back of your favorite flipping or football head jig.  No matter how you choose to fish this bait - Texas Rigged, Carolina Rigged, or on the back of your favorite jig - the Hawgalicious is a versatile bait that can be fished just about anywhere.

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