On behalf of our entire team, I'd like to personally thank you for supporting MONSTERBASS.  We try to run this business and communicate with you like family.  From Katie who runs our Customer Service team, to Davy who manages our Supply Chain Operations, every interaction we have with you, has a singular goal.  To keep you happy.

So when we began talking about our loyalty program, we wanted to create one that recognized your long-term support and rewarded our most loyal subscribers.

Each month your card will contain a ticket printed on it that looks similar to this one...

Save that ticket because the more tickets you collect, the more you'll be able to redeem them for.  In the next couple of weeks, we'll be fully defining this loyalty program and emailing you with all of the details.

We're grateful for your support and we'd like to show our thanks by creating this program.  Welcome to the MONSTERBASS family!

Thank you.

Rick Patri



MONSTERBASS December Unboxing

December Unboxing | MONSTERBASS

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