Bad Jamma

By: YUM Baits
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The Bad Jamma’s twin curltails and wide, ribbed body present the right action and look to fool big bass no matter where they’re swimming. For shallow presentations, the Bad Jamma can be Texas rigged and flipped, pitched and punched, or it can be used as a jig trailer for deeper water. This bait ships in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 3 ¼”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

 The Bad Jamma has a variety of applications - from being rigged on a weighted Texas rig, to pairing it up with your favorite jig, this bait can be used with many techniques.  One of the most popular options for this bait is to put it on the back of a jig as a trailer for deep water bass.  Slowly dragging and hopping this bait along the bottom, allowing the twin curltail legs to kick is a good way to catch bass out of deep water.  Choosing a weight for your presentation will depend on the type of area that you’re fishing - use lighter weights for open water (3/16 - 3/8 oz) and go up in size as needed for flipping or punching into heavy cover - use the lightest weight possible to still get your bait where the fish are living. Typically fished on a baitcasting setup, a 7’0 -7’6” Medium Heavy to Heavy power rod is recommended.  Line size will also change depending on the presentation that you choose. When fishing cleaner water or in open water situations, fluorocarbon line is recommended (15-20lb test), but when fishing dirty water or around heavy cover, many anglers opt for braided line (50-65 lb test braid) with a baitcasting setup.

  • Reel: 7:1:1+
  • Rod: 7’-7’6 MH Fast action
  • Line: 12-20lbs fluorocarbon

Put on the back of a football jig, the Yum Bad Jamma is the perfect deep water jig trailer.  Many times when fishing deep water, a twin tail is a popular choice because it moves a lot of water and kicks with little effort.  When dragged or hopped slowly on the bottom, the Yum Bad Jamma will kick and create a lot of commotion, drawing the attention of bass in deep water.  For those of you that prefer fishing shallow though, rig this bait on a texas rig or moving bait - like a jig or chatterbait - and this is a great shallow water bait as well.  It swims well through the water column and works well as a jig or chatterbait trailer as well!