Bandit 200

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The Bandit crankbait series is one of the most popular crankbait series ever produced - it’s affordable and it catches big bass.  The 200 series dives down 4-8 feet of water and has a wide wobble with internal rattles that call in big fish, and comes in a huge variety of fish-catching colors.

  • Size: 2"
    Weight: ¼ oz
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

 Small body crankbaits with a midrange diving depth are one of the most versatile baits in a anglers tool box. It’s one of those baits that you can keep tied on all year long and get bites. This bait is the most efficient when it is used around rock (boulders, gravel, river stones, rip-rap, etc.) The reason for this is its ability to maneuver and deflect off this type of cover. Using a 45 degree cast to or from the bank is the most efficient way to use this bait. This helps to cover as much water as you can while maximizing your time in the strike zone. A simple chuck and wind will do (the bait will do all the work for you) just keep a steady reel speed throughout the retrieve. Quick tip if your fishing a area that has a lot of wood don’t just reel into the wood. Once you feel the bait start to come up over the wood stop reeling and use the rod to pull the bait slowly over the cover. This allows the baits bill to deflect off the wood and not dig in thus keeping your bait from hanging up.  


  • Reel:  6:3:1
  • Rod:  6’9”- 7’ medium rod with moderate action
  • Line:  10-12lb Fluorocarbon or copolymer

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