Bagley Bang O Lure

By: Bagley
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For over 60 years, smallies and largemouth have thrashed weed beds and structure in savage attacks on the same infuriating romper:  the irresistible balsa-wood Bang-O-Lure. Cast, let it settle, twitch, pause and retrieve. Repeat. Or, slow troll shorelines or off weed beds. Either way, grip tight and brace yourself for a classic strike.

  • Product Size:  4 ¼”
  • Product Weight:  ¼ oz
  • MSRP:  $8.99

The Bagley Bang O is designed to be a sub-surface jerkbait fished less than 2 feet below the surface.  This draws a lot of near-topwater bites that you can see! A baitcasting combo with 10-15 lb. fluorocarbon or copolymer line and a 6’9”- 7’ medium to medium heavy rod with a moderate action will be perfect for this bait.  In sunny situations, chrome colors will work best at imitating fleeing baitfish, however in cloudier or dirtier water situations, colors like white and chartreuse will work best depending on water clarity and the bait in the lake.  This bait works best when fished around shallow areas that bass are hanging out - grass beds, shallow wood or rock, or man made cover like boat docks. It’s also a great bait when you know bass are on beds or have just gotten done spawning - triggering them to react to the darting action of this bait.  Use short rod twitches to make this bait dive down and act erratically underwater to trigger strikes from shallow water bass!


  • Reel:  6.2:1 to 7.5:1 ratio
  • Rod:  6'9” - 7’ medium or medium heavy rod with moderate action
  • Line:  10-15 lb test fluorocarbon or copolymer