Battle Bug

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The brainchild of Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Mike McClelland, theBig Bite Baits Mike McClelland Battle Bug provides a one-of-a-kind crawfish imitation that works with a wide-range of techniques. Offering a little bit of everything, the Big Bite Baits Mike McClelland Battle Bug is built with two large claws, antennae, and two J-shaped appendages.

 The Battle Bug works well on both a Texas Rig for flipping situations as well as on the back of a jig.  This bait is designed to imitate both crawfish as well as bluegill or other baitfish that bass may eat.  We recommend rigging this on a 7’0 to 7’6” Medium Heavy Baitcasting Setup with 15 to 20lb fluorocarbon line.  When flipped around heavy cover, the appendages have a subtle movement that glides through the water, attracting big bass.  Our favorite areas to fish this bait are around shallow cover - sparse grass, laydowns, or docks - anywhere that bluegill or other baitfish are living.


    • Gear
    • Reel:  7.1:1
    • Rod:  7’-7’6” Medium Heavy Fast action 
    • Line: 15-20 lb Fluorocarbon

The Battle Bug has a unique and subtle action.  The big profile of the bait helps it to move water which makes it work well in dirty water conditions, but because of the subtle action it will also work well in cleaner water situations where fish are a little more finicky.  When rigged on the back of a jig trailer, we recommend cutting the bait down by about ¼ inch so that it will pair nicely on the back of your jig and come through cover easily!

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