Biffle Bug 4.25"
Biffle Bug 4.25"
Biffle Bug 4.25"

Biffle Bug 4.25"

By: Gene Larew
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The Biffle Bug is another one of Tommy Biffle's creations, and it incorporates several top features from the Gene Larew Biffle-O bait series that combine into one compact bait, which is perfect for almost any situation. In addition to its solid head and hollow body cavity, designed to hold a round rattle, the Biffle Bug features evenly spaced ridges from nose to tail, hyper-active swimming legs, six side tentacles, special foot pad, and a flexible tail that is convex on the backside: these combine to give this unique bait its lifelike action and vibration every time it rubs against limbs, rocks or grass. Biffle Bugs give anglers a high-action bait that can be fished in a variety of ways: Texas, Carolina or jig-rigged, legs on or pinched off, flipped, pitched or swam. Regardless of its size or how it's rigged and fished, the Biffle Bug screams, ''easy meal!'' 

  • Evenly spaced ridges from nose to tail
  • Lifelike action and vibration
  • Hyper-active swimming legs, six side tentacles
  • Can be fished in a variety of ways

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