Blitz Worm

By: X Zone Lures
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XZone solved a problem with a lot of big worms and that’s that they sink! The Blitz worm is poured with a special plastic formula with a super fine salt that allows the worm to still have great scent and attraction but when fished on a Texas rig or shaky head they worm will stand straight up off the bottom. This bait ships in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 11”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

Big worms like the Blitz worm our optimal when fished on a Texas rig or shaky head. Often over looked big worms are amazing flipping baits. You can pair this worm with a 1/2-3/4 oz weight and some heavy fluorocarbon or braid and flip it into submerged grass beds/lines and even into to into brush and boat dock post. Putting that bigger than average profile into area its often not seen by bass.

  • Gear:
  • Reel: 7:1+
  • Rod:  7’3”-7’6” MH
  • Line: fluorocarbon 12-15lb or 50-65lb braid

I fish a lot of big worms in the summer, especially around grass! One of the biggest issues I run into is that I can’t find worms that I can fish through the grass and still have the bait have the ability to stand up out of the grass or even float up out of the grass when I need it too. The Blitz worm solves those problems! One of the most dynamic and fishable worms on the market. The worm is a classic fishing shape but with an innovative plastic formula. ~ Alex Rudd Fishing

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