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Making noise on high-speed topwater retrieves in summer or fluttering slow and low near the bottom in cooler water, this tournament-proven spinner is versatile for year-round use. Its double willow blade, high-definition head and colorful skirt let you work it to mimic a wide array of baitfish. Its also agile for maneuvering through the weed lines and tall grasses where big bass live. Bio Flex® silicone skirt. Mustad® Ultra Point™ hook. Its lifelike head has 3D eyes, flared gills and a textured scale pattern.

Please note that if you order this bait, you will randomly receive one or the other bait.  That is why this bait is priced the way that it is.

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Little changes to how you present your baits can make a huge difference in the number of bites you get. A spinnerbait is one of those baits that are constantly being fished in a strictly “chunk-and-wind” style. You throw it out and bring it back in at the same steady pace every time. This is a BIG mistake. Sure, you might catch some fish. Some days, it might even be the best presentation.

Most of the time, it’s only going to get you the bare minimum. Speed it up, slow it down, pop your rod tip to make the blades dance and most importantly, just like when you fish a crank bait, bang it into stuff! Knock it off of stumps, rocks or any structure in the water, let it fall for a second and kick it into gear. Deflection triggers bites.


  • Reel:  6:1:1 or 6:4:1
  • Rod:  6.5’-7’ medium to medium heavy power rod
  • Line:  15-20 lb. monofilament or fluorocarbon

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