Squelcher Buzz Bait 1/2 oz
Squelcher Buzz Bait 1/2 oz

Squelcher Buzz Bait 1/2 oz

By: Booyah
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How cool would it be if you could s-l-o-w down your buzzbait, without losing its churn and without it sinking out of the hot zone? The Booyah® Squelcher™ Buzzbait enables you to do just that, so you can cover productive water more thoroughly and still trigger aggressive strikes. This unique buzzer features several innovations to help it stand apart from the crowd: a slender planer-style head and keel design that keeps the Squelcher running true; a frame-clicking, counter-clockwise rotating S-curve blade that provides amazing lift even at slower-than-normal speeds; and extra-tight nesting on the blade assembly that produces a "squelching" sound whenever the blade spins, to draw fish in as it moves through their zone. Formed on extra-thick wire with a weed-parting 7mm bead in the lead, the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait gives you an extra-strong, virtually weedless buzzbait that does what others can't. Oversized hook plus bait keeper.

  • Premium buzzer can be worked slower than other styles
  • Full churn plus sink resistance
  • Planer-style head plus keel for constant balance
  • Counter-clockwise rotating, high-lift S-curve blade
  • Blade ticks the frame for sound attraction
  • Produces a unique "squelching" sound that bass like
  • Extra-thick wire for strength and stability
  • Oversized 7mm bead for weedless performance