Chug’n Spook

By: Heddon
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The Heddon spook is the benchmark by which all other top waters are compared. The Chug’n Spook is another one of those bench marks. The Chug’n Spook features a cupped mouth that helps to throw more water and create a bubble trail. This bait still walks the dog with ease but with the added benefit of the cupped mouth. This is an awesome addition to any top water enthusiast’s tool box. This bait comes in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 3-1/2”-4-7/8”
    Weight: 1/2-1 oz
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

Fish around shallow hard cover with short twitches of your rod tip causing the bait to “walk the dog.” This is an open water technique meant to call fish off of the cover they are sitting on by resembling a wounded bait fish or blue gill.


  • Reel:  7:1+
  • Rod:  7’ medium rod
  • Line:  Mono 12-17lb or Braid 30-40lb or braid to a mono leader.

The spook. When asked what top water you’re throwing often times no matter the brand if it’s a walk the dog style bait you say “a spook.” The reason is the spook is the OG walk the dog style top water. The reason for that is years and years of fish catching ability. Now with a slight variation of the cupped mouth the Chug’n Spook has just added a degree of separation from the original spook that is sure to catch a monster bass!