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The YUM Chunk is a traditional jig trailer with long, flat claws and a “chunk” body more like classic pork trailers than other trailers on the market. When rigged on a jig, this elongated trailer perfectly duplicates the look of a fleeing crawfish. THIS BAIT COMES IN MISCELLANEOUS COLORS
[Product Specs]

[Recommended Gear]

  • Reel:  7.1:1
  • Rod:  7’-7’6” Medium Heavy Power Fast Action
  • Line:  12-20lb test fluorocarbon

The YUM Chunk is designed to be a trailer on a jig.  This bait is designed to either be rigged through the middle of the chunk (similarly to a wacky worm), or threaded onto your favorite jig.

When choosing to rig this bait through the chunk, the bait will have a more natural action - the bait will be able to move and swing freely on the back of the jig.  This is very effective when fishing around light cover or when fishing the bait offshore. The jig trailer will be able to have maximum action, but tends to hang on cover more easily.
When fishing this bait in and around cover such as weeds, brush, laydowns, etc. - it is more effective to thread the bait onto the hook like a standard jig trailer.  This will allow the trailer to follow the motion/path of the jig and be able to come in and out of cover easily.

[Our Take]
This chunk is a smaller profile than most chunks on the market, but still attracts a lot of big bites.  As opposed to traditional jig trailers, using a chunk allows for a more free-swinging action and longer profile which is great around pressured fish to present a unique look to the fish.  Also, although this bait looks like a crawfish, it is perfect when bass are feeding on bluegill as well - the flapping action of the trailer looking like a bluegill swimming down through the water column.


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