Copperhead Hook

By: Daiichi
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The Daiichi Copperhead features a special bend at the front of the hook that allows for better hook penetration and a screw lock that will keep your bait secure. Pair your favorite swimbait onto this hook for a deadly combination.

  • Size:  4/0
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

 This hook will work well with a variety of soft plastic baits and techniques.  We recommend you rig this hook weightless to fish the middle of the water column, but another effective way to use this hook is with a bullet weight in front of the hook to help the bait get deeper in the water column.  Best for topwater plastics or swimbaits, this hook allows for a great hookup ratio.

 The screw lock system on this hook will help keep your plastics rigged for multiple fish.  The Copperhead hook also has a unique bend which allows the fish to collapse the bait easily on the hook, resulting in a more positive hookup ratio.

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