C Shad

By: Doomsday Tackle
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The Doomsday C-Shad 3.2 is inspired by Cherokee Lake in East Tennessee and fishing jig heads vertically. It is designed to either be fished on a Jig Head rig or on a Drop Shot. It would also make a killer downsized offering on Alabama Rigs. The C-Shad 3.2 has enough meat to be rigged on large jig heads weighing up to ½oz to get it down deep. The small finesse boot tail gives a subtle flutter when retrieved or while drifting. The C-Shad 3.2 is also one of the only true profiled, Drop Shot shad baits, on the market. Designed from an actual shad with JDM type styling the C-shad 3.2 from Doomsday Tackle Co. takes drop shot fishing to new heights. The C-Shad 3.2 includes a Hi-Flash Mylar insert, Doomsday logoed 3D eyes and a finesse boot tail to draw fish in most water clarity. Remove the Mylar flap and you now have a regular slim profiled minnow bait.

  • Size: 3” on avg. 
    Weight: ¼oz / 7g
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide

This crankbait is going to perform best in the 10-13’ depth zone, fished on bait casting tackle.  A combo with 10-15 lb. fluorocarbon line and a 7’- 7’6” medium to medium heavy rod with a moderate action will pair nicely with this lure. Match the crankbait color to water color situations, using natural color patterns for clearest water.  Wind is your friend in crankbait fishing, so seek out windy shorelines when possible. Consider this a great option during shad spawns when the baitfish move out from shoreline just a bit. This is a mid-range crankbait that can excel when fish are both near shorelines and “first drop” offshore spots.  NE anglers should note that Scott Martin caught several key fish in an FLW Tour win at Lake Champlain several years ago using this exact model.


  • Reel:  6:1 to 7.5:1 ratio
  • Rod:  7' medium light rod 
  • Line:  7-10 lb fluorocarbon