Flex II Crankbait
Flex II Crankbait

Flex II Crankbait

By: Booyah
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Booyah uses an innovative foam-molding process that provides the characteristics of old school balsa wood crankbaits but with a durability better than plastic.

  • Size: 2 ¼"
    Weight: ½ oz
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at www.booyahbaits.com

Since this crankbait is designed to have a buoyancy similar to a balsa wood crankbait, this is the perfect tool to fish around lay downs and rip rap. Using your rod and reel speed, keep your rod tip up and let the crankbait deflect off of rocks and wood. These deflections, in combination with the wide wobble of the crankbait, will cause fish to react and strike the crankbait.

  • Reel:  6:1+
  • Rod:  7'- 7' 3" medium or medium heavy rod with moderate action
  • Line:  12-15 lb. test fluorocarbon

 Shallow cranking is something that has been a mainstay in my arsenal for a long time. From the heat of summer to the bone chilling cold of winter, I can confidently pick up a sqaurebill like the Flex 2 and get a bite. What makes this crankbait so unique is the foam injection. It makes this crankbait super durable, meaning I can smack it off tree limbs, dock posts, and rocks and not have to worry about cracking it. This in combination with the extreme buoyancy makes it a better mouse trap in a world full of sqaurebill crankbaits.

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