Gene Larew Punch Out Craw

By: Gene Larew
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When you need to punch through thick vegetation to knock out the lunkers hiding below, reach for a Gene Larew Wheeler's Punch Out Craw. This versatile softbait, designed by rising BASS Elite and FLW star Jacob Wheeler, has a compact body with a sleek, smooth finish that avoids grabbing a grass mat or hanging up in the hydrilla.

The Punch Out Craw features an oversized flapper tail that can be utilized for slide-and-glide retrieves, or separated to form big, hard-kicking claws. It's great as a trailer for jigs and hardbaits, or you can pinch off the claws to leave only a spear-point tail—a deadly punchbait. Trim or shorten as needed to create just the right profile to support your presentation, whether aggressive or subtle.

This bait comes in miscellaneous colors.