Genie Worm

By: YUM Baits
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The YUM Genie is a 7.5-inch power-finesse worm. The segmented body displaces water while the flag tail provides more action with less rod tip movement.

  • Size: 7.5"
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

 This bait is perfect for summertime bass fishing.  Rigged on a mag-shaky head or Carolina rig, this bait can be fished both deep or shallow, keying in on bass targeting a big, easy meal.  Paired on a baitcasting setup with a high-speed gear ratio reel and a longer, 7’ to 7’6” medium heavy power rod with a fast action tip will be perfect for this bait.  Fish this bait around shallow cover or offshore structure on 15 to 20 lb test fluorocarbon line which will allow you to have the sensitivity you need, but get a good hookset on big fish when they bite.

  • Hook: 5/0 EWG or Offset Worm Hook
  • Reel:  7.3:1 or Higher Gear Ratio
  • Rod:  7’ - 7’6” medium heavy power - fast action rod
  • Line:  15-20 lb fluorocarbon

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