Hula Popper

By: Arbogast Lures
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This bait is over 60 years old and still is the standard for topwater fishing.  Featuring a large cupped mouth, this bait pops loudly and calls big bass from long distances.  It also features a rubber skirt and leaves a bubble trail that entices big fish to eat this lure!

The Hula Popper is a very effective bait when fished slowly along the top of the water.  Short rod twitches cause this bait to pop, spitting water in front of the bait and drawing in fish from long distances.  The recommended setup is baitcasting gear - a rod typically around 7’ in length with a Medium or Medium Heavy Action.  Because this is a topwater bait, braid or monofilament line will work best because it floats and will give the bait the best action.  This bait will work best when fished around shallow cover - particularly hard cover such as docks, rocks or seawalls where baitfish are roaming and living.  When the bass move shallow and start feeding on baitfish, a popper is a great way to get their attention and trigger bites from big, hungry bass.

  • Reel:  6.2:1
  • Rod:  7’ Medium Fast action 
  • Line: 15lb Mono or 40lb Braided Line

The Hula Popper is a classic bait that is a staple in topwater fishing.  When anglers talk about popping baits, a Hula Popper is one of the most recognized names because of its ability to trigger big fish to bite.  One of the most unique things about this bait is the size of the cup on the front of the lure.  This bait features an oversized cupped mouth, which pops and spits more water than traditional popping baits.  This will work best when bass are aggressive and feeding heavily on bigger baitfish.