Incision 69 BLOG PROMO

By: MB
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The Incision 69 lipless crank bait is the newest addition to the MONSTERBASS lineup and features a sleek aerodynamic construction that was designed to be cast farther and more accurate than traditional lipless crank baits. It’s perfect for fishing all levels of the water column and the larger profile generates a very powerful vibration that active fish can’t resist.  It also produces a subtle side-to-side wobble as it descends and will sit perfectly upright when it hits the bottom, making it an easy target.  Delivering a wide range of versatility, it is a perfect bait to be yo-yo’d off the bottom or burned and ripped through grass lines.

The Incision 69 lipless mimics a distressed baitfish and makes it irresistible to even the most stubborn bass.  It features two razor sharp Japanese Kitana hooks, the front being in traditional MONSTERBASS red to encourage reaction strikes, 3D gill plates, and a textured scale pattern to create a realistic presentation.

Available in a 6 premium paint schemes, the Incision 69 might very well become your new confidence bait.

Length: 2.5"

Weight: 1/2 oz.