J-Proz Series J-Bug

By: V&M Baits
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Introducing the all new J-Proz series "J-Bug" designed by 2 time Bassmaster Elite Champion Jacob Powroznik. Designed specifically for flipping and pitching to isolated and heavy cover with pinpoint accuracy. Its slim body design allows it to penetrate heavy cover while falling straight to assure it falls as close to the target as possible. Added appendages and ribs ensure lifelike action that the fish just can't resist. It works great when rigged with an Elite Tungsten weigh and a 3/0 Mustad Flipping hook. It can also be used as a jig trailer and works excellent on a Carolina Rig. Try the new J-Bug today! It's a "REALLY REALLY" good bait!

 The J-Bug is extremely versatile and is meant for fishing in and around shallow cover.  Paired up with heavy, 15-20lb line and a baitcasting setup between 7’ and 7’6” in length, this bait will be ready to pull big fish out of heavy cover.  The appendages on this bait flare and kick on the retrieve which make it perfect to entice big bass to come out and grab this bait as it’s falling or swimming through the water.  One of the keys to this bait is movement - most of your bites will come as this bait is moving. We recommend using this on a presentation that will be moving through the water, whether it’s a flipping bait or swimming retrieve, it’s key to keep this bait moving, because that causes the appendages to kick, triggering big bites.  Darker colors like Black and Blue will typically work better in dirtier or off-colored water, whereas more natural colors like Green Pumpkin will be more effective in cleaner water situations. The bait comes in a variety of colors though, so pick your color based on your forage and water clarity - if bass are feeding on crawfish, colors with reds work better; bluegill or other panfish, choose colors with blues or purple hues; around shad, choose whites or lighter translucent, shimmer colors work best!


  • Reel:  7.3:1 or Higher Gear Ratio
  • Rod:  7’ - 7’6” medium heavy power - fast action rod
  • Line: 15-20 lb fluorocarbon