KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg

By: Strike King
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The Game Hawg was designed to be a plastic that would pair perfectly with a T-Rig or Carolina rig. This is due to the action in the two ribbon style tails integrated into the body. These tails move with even the slightest movement of the rod as well as undulating even without action being imparted to them. This bait also incorporates Strike Kings Coffee Scent. This scent was designed by MLF Pro Kevin Van Dam as a mixture that would increase bass hold times of baits in their mouth leading to more hook ups even with finicky bass.

So let’s get sneaky. Though this bait is great behind a C-rig and T-rig one of best ways to rig this little juicy bass snack is on a screw lock shaky head. There are a few companies now a days making magnum shaky heads. These shaky heads are ⅜-1oz incorporating hooks from 4/0-7/0. For this bait though your going to want to go with a magnum shaky head anywhere from ⅜-½ oz with a 4/0 size hook. What makes this such a killer set up is the shaky heads design. This makes the Game Hawg “stand up” allowing the ribbon tails to flare out entice those bass to bite. Best part about the shaky head is it can be used anywhere you can use a texas rig! Grass, rock, sand, rip, it doesn’t matter the shaky head will play ball!

  • Reel:  7:1:1+
  • Rod:  7’-7’6 MH Fast action
  • Line:  12-20lbs flurocarbon

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