Neko Wacky Stick

By: Big Bite Baits
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Our new softer Neko wacky sticks have an o-ring already manufactured into the middle of the bait’s body. Just insert your hook into the ring and you are ready to use a Texas style as well as wacky.

Neko Rigging is the secret of the Pros.  This is a technique relatively new to the fishing community, but it has already taken over as one of the most effective techniques for catching bass on all three Pro Fishing Circuits.  Using the Big Bite Baits Neko Wacky Stick makes the Neko rigging process more simple with the wacky ring built into the bait.  From here, you simply rig your hook - recommended size 2 VMC Neko Hook - through the wacky ring on the bait and insert a small, 3/32 oz nail weight into the fatter end of the worm.  It is recommended that you throw your Neko rig on a spinning setup around 7’ in length and Medium action.  A neko rig works very well around shallow cover such as weeds, docks, rocks and laydowns.

  • Reel:  5.2:1 Spinning Reel
  • Rod:  7’ Medium Power Fast Action
  • Main Line:  10-20lb Braid
  • Leader Line: 6-10lb Fluorocarbon

The Big Bite Baits Neko Wacky Stick is unique in the fact that it has a built-in wacky ring.  This helps you fish the bait longer without tearing through as many worms or having to carry a wacky ring tool along to your favorite fishing spot with you.  This worm is also made of a softer plastic than most of the wacky worms on the market - it is comparable to the plastics that you would expect most finesse worms to be made of.  The softer plastic and built in wacky ring make this bait the ideal neko rig worm that will catch fish regardless of where you live in the country!