NeX Football Jig

By: Lifted Jigs
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Meet the NeX revolution of jigs! The NeX Football Jig has done away with weed guards but still allows you to drag this football into the heaviest cover you could image and come out clean and ready for the next cast! The placement of the hook in this design allows you to get the hook lift you need to entice those big bites when dragging a football jig! With its revolutionary designed mold in screw lock keeper, you screw your plastic trailer on and push the hook point into the body of the plastic and you’re ready to go! This screw lock keeper on the NeX Football Jig will hold your plastic on longer than any other jig on the market! The NeX Football Jig sports a large 4/0 to 6/0 hook to give you the best amount of hook point gap to be able to make sure you get more hook ups than any other jig on the market! Use a craw trailer or swimbait trailer.