Pork Shad

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The Pork Shad is a soft-jerkbait style presentation that imitates baitfish; one of a bass’ favorite foods to eat!  The natural blending of color between the top and bottom of the bait better resembles forage fish, and the beaded ribs running along the top (back) of the bait provide bubbling action like air released from the gills of a small fish as it is worked through the water. The erratic topwater action mimics a dying bait fish, making it vulnerable to a feeding fish — an effective bait in any water where small schooling forage fish exist. This bait comes in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 5”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at www.vandmbaits.com

The best way to fish this bait is rigged on an EWG style hook with a small weight in front of the bait, or weightless.  By rigging the bait this way, you can fish it in both open water situations as well as through shallow cover such as grass or around docks and laydowns.  We recommend that you fish this bait weightless when fishing for schooling fish, so that the bait stays on top in the strike zone.  Typically anglers fish this bait like a jerkbait, using short rod twitches to make the bait move erratically in the water.  When fishing this bait, you may not even feel the strike; your line might jump or you may see a swirl in the water around your bait before you are aware of a strike. Let the fish have the bait for one or two seconds before setting the hook.  We recommend rigging this bait on a spinning setup.  Using spinning gear allows you to make longer casts and use lighter line which is key when fishing this bait in clear water.

  • Reel: 2:1 ratio Spinning Reel
  • Rod: Medium action Spinning rod
  • Main Line: 10-20lb test braid
  • Leader Line: 6-12lb test fluorocarbon

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