Pro Swimmer

By: Big Bite Baits
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Ribbed paddle tail swimbaits have become a staple in every bass angler’s arsenal. A uniquely soft, scent-infused plastic formula combined with our great color options make the Pro Swimmer a must-have lure.

The Pro Swimmer is built for catching bass keyed in on baitfish.  This bait is made to swim through the water column whether Texas rigged on an EWG Style hook swimbait hook, or rigged on a jig head, this bait is designed for movement.  Our recommended setup for the Pro Swimmer is a baitcasting setup - a 6.2:1 gear ratio baitcasting reel with a 7’ medium heavy rod and 12 to 20lb test fluorocarbon depending on the cover that you’re fishing around.

  • Reel:  6.2:1 Baitcasting rod
  • Rod:  7’ - 7’6” Medium Heavy rod with fast action
  • Line:  12-20lb fluorocarbon

This bait has been growing in popularity over the past few years.  Throwing swimbaits have become the craze and the Big Bite Pro Swimmer is the perfect size and action to catch bass feeding on baitfish no matter where you live.  This bait features an impression on the top an bottom of the bait so you can either rig this weedless or on a jig head, and rig it perfectly straight every time.  This bait is also extremely soft which allows it to have incredibly lifelike movement when it swims through the water!