RAGE Space Monkey

By: Strike King
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The Strike King Rage Space Monkey adds a new dimension to creature baits. The body profile is very unique in shape. The Rage Space Monkey has a frog like look to it, and an incredible action that mimics many different prey. The outrageous action of this bait as it falls through the water column is unique thanks to the Rage arms and legs. Designed to displace massive amounts of water, this is one bait you have to have in your arsenal. The Rage Space Monkey can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged or even used as a jig trailer. ~ Strike King

 This bait just screams flip me! Often times in the spring on a vast majority of lakes in the country the first place the bass go during the post spawn is to bushes and other wood cover. That’s where the Space Monkey can be a workhorse. Rigged on a pegged texas rig using a ½ or heavier weight, 4/0 straight shank flipping hook, 7’6 H rod, 65lb braid, and 7:1+ gear ratio reel. Start with the outside limbs of bushes and other submerged wood and work your way to the center. Don’t be afraid to put this thing where no one else puts a bait. That’s where the heavy gear comes into to play. When you hit a bass you want to make sure they are coming out of the cover you’ve flipped into and often times bass are going t be in the thickest nastiest part of the bush. So once you hook them don’t play any games. Use the power of the rod, strength of the braid, and speed of the reel to get those bass turned toward you and coming into the boat or kayak.

  • Reel:  Reel:  7:1:1+
  • Rod:  Rod:  7’-7’6” MH
  • Line: 12-20lbs flurocarbon or 50-65lb braid