Rat-L-Trap Original

By: Bill Lewis
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The Original Rat-L-Trap started the lipless crankbait revolution. Deadly on all game fish. Dual-frequency rattle chambers imitate the vibration of a school of minnows. In fact, analysis by leading bio-acoustic research teams confirms striking similarities between the sound of actual baitfish and the Rat-L-Trap. And with its tight wobble, it dances identically to a panicked minnow or shad.

Please note that if you order these baits that they are random colors and that's why it is priced accordingly.

  • Product size: 3"
  • Product weight: 1/2 oz.
  • MSRP: $7.19
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at www.rat-l-trap.com

The power of a lipless crankbait is versatility and its ability to be fished around various types of cover or structure.  This bait fishes equally well around grass as it does open water and will catch bass in all depth ranges depending on retrieve.  A 7’ to 7’6” Medium to Medium Heavy rod, with a moderate action is recommended for this bait.

Line choice will depend on the area that you’re fishing - around grass or heavy cover, some anglers will opt for braid to help them effectively rip the bait free from the grass with little effort, however upsizing your fluorocarbon line can also be effective as well - 30-40 lb test braided line, or 15-20 lb test fluorocarbon is recommended when fishing around grass.  When fishing around open water, you are able to downsize your line size to get better action from this bait and trigger more bites - 12-17lb test fluorocarbon line is recommended when fishing around more sparse cover or open water.

The key to this lure is the rattle system which will trigger bass from long distances.  By using short, quick rod lifts, you can get the bait to vibrate which will get the attention of bass and trigger reaction bites from aggressive smallmouth and largemouth bass.


  • Reel:  6:2:1
  • Rod:  6.5’-7’ medium rod with moderate action
  • Line:  12lb. Fluorocarbon

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