The September Setup

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This box comes loaded with $50.09 worth of baits and as an added bonus, comes with a free reusable bait bag.  Score yourself one today before they're gone!

MONSTERBASS Reusable BaitBag
Basshik Oval Sticker
Optimum Boom Boom Line Through Swimbait - Sexy Minnow
Luck E Strike Shallow Smoothy - Bream
Basshik Double Willow Spinner - Chartreuse Blue
MONSTERBASS Mad Max Popper - Sexy Crack
XZone Deception Worm 6" - Houdini
Fat Bastard Frogs Frog - Christmas Party Gone Bad
XZone Muscle Back Finesse Craw - Watermelon Red Flake
Mustad Big Bite Offset 3 pack