Sharp Shooter

By: YUM Baits
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The YUM Sharp Shooter drop-shot/finesse worm features a straight tail with a thin blade-like end that adds swimming action. Designed by Elite pros, the Sharp Shooter is manufactured with a soft consistency to enhance action whether fished on a drop shot or a jighead.

  • Reel:  5.2:1 Spinning Reel
  • Rod:  7’ Medium Power Fast Action
  • Main Line:  10-20lb Braid
  • Leader Line: 6-10lb Fluorocarbon

The YUM Sharp Shooter is designed to be the ultimate finesse worm.  This bait will work best when rigged on a dropshot, shakey head, or neko rig.  Because of the blade-like tail, the bait will move naturally in the water whether you’re shaking your rod tip or just letting the current move the bait.  The recommended setup is a 7’ Medium spinning rod with a braid to fluorocarbon leader. This will give you the best feel of this bait and allow you to fish it on your favorite finesse technique.  Our recommended way to rig this bait would be on the back of a shakey head to fish around shallow cover.

The YUM Sharp Shooter is a unique finesse worm due to the tail on the end of the worm.  This is what sets it apart from other worms on the market and what gives the bait its natural action in the water.  Because of this tail, it will excel on both a dropshot and shakey head. The 6” size is also perfect when rigged weedless on both presentations and can be fished around shallow cover with ease.