Slick Stick 110 - 5 Pack
Slick Stick 110 - 5 Pack
Slick Stick 110 - 5 Pack
Slick Stick 110 - 5 Pack

Slick Stick 110 - 5 Pack

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Buy this bundle and you'll receive all 5 baits for the price of 4.  That's 1 FREE.

The Slick Stick 110 is a jerkbait that was designed with no detail untouched. 

Castable for a country mile, the Slick Stick 110 features anatomically accurate designs. Three razor-sharp Kitana Hooks sit on the underbelly and tail end of this lure.

Because of those three hooks and the unique sound and movement this bait produces on retrieve, you’ll get more head-first strikes than traditional rip baits. The front-loaded red treble hooks ensure a positive, solid hook set.

Available in 8 colors, the Slim Jim 110 is a deadly year-round bait for largemouth and smallmouth bass. As water drops below 50 degrees, dying shad are fluttering up and down. It’s perfect for jerkbait fishing with the Slick Stick 110.

Those characteristic red hooks represent wounded easy prey. It’s exclusive to MONSTERBASS lures available from Trophy Technology.

  • Anatomically correct design
  • Long casting paths, great for 5 and 10-second jerk pauses
  • Three razor-sharp Kitana hooks
  • Exclusive red-hooks for attracting predator bass
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Great year-round


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