Smart Bomb

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Rig this bait wacky-style, or flip it around cover by fishing it on a Texas-rig, the possibilities are countless.  There are so many effective ways to fish a stick worm like the Smart Bomb.

The most common way to fish this bait is to rig this bait wacky-style.  Using a wacky worm hook, simply hook the worm through the center of the bait, and you’re done!  Cast the Smart Bomb out on a 6’9” - 7’ Medium spinning rod and hold on. Bass of all sizes love the action of a weightless stick worm sinking down slowly through the water column.  Pair this with light line - typically braid main line (10-20lb test) to a fluorocarbon leader (6-10lb test).

This bait excels around shallow areas with cleaner water.  Because this bait is so subtle, bass will need to be able to find this lure as it sinks slowly through the water.  Cast this around areas that you know bass are living and you’re sure to catch both numbers as well as big bass!

Most of the time, it’s only going to get you the bare minimum. Speed it up, slow it down, pop your rod tip to make the blades dance and most importantly, just like when you fish a crank bait, bang it into stuff! Knock it off of stumps, rocks or any structure in the water, let it fall for a second and kick it into gear. Deflection triggers bites.

The Smart Bomb features a unique color-changing technology where, depending on water temperature, this bait will change colors.  Baitfish - nor any creature for that matter - looks the same in all conditions, so having a bait that can change colors and mimic a variety of forage, will give you an advantage over traditional stick worms.

A stick bait or stick worm as many people call them is one of the most versatile tools an angler can have around. These baits are loaded with salt which makes them sink with an enticing shimmy even without a weight attached. From weightless wacky rig to flipping into heavy cover with a pegged weight this bait will surely put fish into the boat, bank, or kayak.