Solid Leg Frog

By: Castaic
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If you have ever seen a real frog swim through the water you will notice one obvious thing…their legs! A frogs main source of propulsion through the water is its powerful hind legs and webbed feet. Castiac took a page right out of mother natures play book when designing this frog. Instead of traditional skirt legs they opted for the hard yet pliable back legs that extend and retract just like real frog legs. When pulled forward the frogs like shoot out behind the body and when paused the frogs legs retract into a natural crotched position just like a real frog.

  • Size: 2.36"
    Weight: ½ oz
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide

 Frog fishing grass and scum mats is where this frog excels. While fan casting these mats use a varied twitch retrieve allowing the frog to scoot a short distance and then pause. This allows the frog to depress the mat and allow the bass to key in on the frog on top of the mat. Then when you approach an open hole in the mat pull the frog into and let it sit pull it a short distance and pause again. Often times as soon as the frog moves from the pause the bass will go all great white on a baby seal and crush it!

  • Reel:  7:1+
  • Rod:  7’-7’6 MH-H (I personally like a H rod but if your new to frog fishing I would suggest using a lighter action rod for accuracy ~ Alex Rudd Fishing)
  • Line:  50-65lb braid

 Is there anything that compares to a good frog bite…I’ll wait…yeah I didn’t think so. This is an awesome frog that gives you a slightly different presentation. I think frogs like this can often excel when the bass have seen a thousand other normal style frogs. This more true to nature frog can trick some of those more finicky bass into well…going all great white on a baby seal!