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Limited Edition XB-1 w/ Messer Baits Custom Color

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This limited edition Xcite Baits XB-1 square bill crankbait comes painted with a custom fall bluegill pattern from Messer Baits.
Exclusive to MONSTERBASS customers, this exclusive pattern is both a collector’s dream and a fisherman’s new favorite bait. The XB-1 was engineered to have a distinct rattle that attracts even the most finicky of fish. Crash it through brush or bounce it off cover to produce the most vicious of strikes. Built-in buoyancy to reduce hang-ups. Premium quality components. W.T.S. (Weight Transfer System) Tungsten ball bearing shifts to the rear of the bait during casting to increase distance and controllability. With one crank of the reel, the ball bearing rolls forward locking into its rattle chamber. Lifelike body moldings and color schemes.

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