Strike King Rage Tail Craw

By: Strike King
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Each Rage Tail™ lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each Rage Tail has!

  • Product size: 4"
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The Rage Tail Craw has a variety of applications - from being rigged on a weighted Texas rig, to pairing it up with your favorite jig, this bait can be used with many techniques.  Rigging this bait Texas-Rig style is one of the most popular options. Paired with 4/0 EWG hook and a flipping weight, you can put this bait in the heart of the thickest cover or drag it slowly along the bottom to catch big bass.  Choosing a weight for your presentation will depend on the type of area that you’re fishing - use lighter weights for open water (3/16 - 3/8 oz) and go up in size as needed for flipping or punching into heavy cover - use the lightest weight possible to still get your bait where the fish are living.

Typically fished on a bait casting setup, a 7’0 -7’6” Medium Heavy to Heavy power rod is recommended.  Line size will also change depending on the presentation that you choose. When fishing cleaner water or in open water situations, fluorocarbon line is recommended (15-20lb test), but when fishing dirty water or around heavy cover, many anglers opt for braided line (50-65 lb test braid) with a baitcasting setup.

    Featuring the RAGE Flange, the Rage Tail Craw has a swimming action in the water that makes it perfect for a variety of techniques.  The length and profile of the bait makes it a good crawfish imitator which is what many anglers think of when they see the bait, but don’t be fooled - this bait can imitate any type of forage that you have in your body of water.  With the swimming action that this bait has, it moves a lot of water and can draw bass from a long ways. Whether you need a small profile bait buzzed just under the surface or are looking for a jig trailer for deep offshore bass, this bait has a variety of applications and catches big bass!

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