Super Spook Jr.

By: Heddon
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Part of the legendary Zara Spook family famous for its ''walk-the-dog'' action, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. features an internal rattle, super-strong hardware, and an extremely durable build. Jimmy Houston improved this legendary topwater bait with a horizontal construction body design that is destined to catch the eyes of game fish and anglers. To fish this topwater legend, use a rhythmic, slack-line retrieve that makes the Zara walk left-right, left-right, back and forth. Equipped with a pair of Excalibur Rotating Treble freshwater hooks.

  • Legendary ''walk-the-dog'' action
  • Jimmy Houston's design provides added appeal
  • Internal rattle
  • Durable build with super-strong hardware
  • Excalibur Rotating Treble freshwater hooks