Texas Rig Kit

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The Texas Rig is arguably the most common method of rigging a soft plastic bait on the planet... and it just so happens to one of the most effective methods for catching big bass.

The simplicity of the Texas Rig is undeniable, with the soft plastic bait rigged on a hook with the point pinned into the body of the worm to make it weedless.  A bullet weight is used on the line ahead of the hook. Variations of this rigging method have been created over the years, but the fact remains that its a technique that you need to master if you want to consistently catch bass.

This kit comes in a MonsterBox 3700 and gives you everything you need to master the technique...

  • MonsterBox 3700 ($13 msrp)

  • 1 pack of Strike King 10" Bull Worm ($6 msrp)
  • 1 pack of Gambler Bacon Rind ($6 msrp)
  • 1 pack Strike King 4" Rodent ($6 msrp)
  • 1 pack XZone Adrenaline Craws ($5 msrp)

  • 1 pack of hooks from Spearpoint Performance Tackle ($3 msrp)
  • 1 pack of hooks from Sabertooth Hooks ($4 msrp)
  • 1 pack of hooks from Sandbar Tackle ($2 msrp)
  • 1 pack of hooks from StanleyTackle ($4 msrp)

  • 1 pack of MonsterStops ($3 msrp)

  • 1 - 3 pack 1/4 oz Tungsten Worm Weights ($7 msrp)
  • 1 - 3 pack 3/8 oz Tungsten Worm Weights ($7 msrp)
  • 1 - 2 pack 1/2 oz Tungsten Worm Weights ($8 msrp)

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