The Crank Bait Box
The Crank Bait Box

The Crank Bait Box

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There is perhaps no lure more versatile than a crank bait. This style of lure will catch fish of all species year round, regardless of whether you're casting or trolling. 

This bundle hooks you up with 7 crank baits in varying sizes, diving depths and styles.  It also includes a MonsterBox 3700 to keep your baits protected from outside elements.  If you're a power fishing freak like Alex Rudd, then you're going to love this bundle.
  1. Dives up to 5' crank bait
  2. Dives up to 6' crank bait
  3. Dives up to 6' crank bait w/ a feathered rear treble
  4. Dives up to 8' crank bait
  5. Dives up to 12' crank bait
  6. Dives up to 12' hybrid crank bait
  7. Dives up to 15' 5XD crank bait

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