TRD MinnowZ

By: Z-Man Fishing Products
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Back by popular demand, the TRD MinnowZ are a preferred profile of Midwest Finesse enthusiasts, including Ned Kehde himself. A slender baitfish profile accurately mimics a variety of fresh- and saltwater baitfish species, while a small, flat tail accentuates the baits darting action when rigged vertically or provides a gliding action reminiscent of reaper-style plastics when oriented horizontally. Constructed with a salt-free ElaZtech formulation for extreme buoyancy and durability, the TRD MinnowZ is ideally suited for a wide array of bass fishing and inshore saltwater finesse applications and rigging techniques whenever gamefish are keyed in on small baitfish or fry. This bait comes in miscellaneous colors.

  • Size: 3 ½”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

This bait has a variety of applications - including dropshotting, ned rigging, as well as fishing this on a small jighead for suspended bass.  This bait has a smaller profile than some of Z-Man’s other plastics, but is great when bass need a more finesse presentation to bite.  This bait is perfect for lethargic, suspended bass, and one of our favorite ways to use this bait is rigged on the back of a small ⅛ or 3/16 oz jighead over open water.  Fished similarly to a spybait, simply cast this bait out, count it down to the desired depth, and very slowly creep this bait in through the middle of the water column.  For this presentation use the lightest line possible - recommended is 10lb test braid to a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader on a Medium Light spinning setup.

  • Reel:  5.2:1 ratio Spinning Reel
  • Rod:  Medium Light or Medium action Spinning rod
  • Main Line: 10-20lb test braid
  • Leader Line: 6-12lb test fluorocarbon