V&M Thunder Shad

By: V&M Baits
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The Thunder Shad is the perfect swimbait to mimic a variety of different forage species. With a wide range of proven bass catching colors as well as the pork fat infused scent formula make this a welcome addition to any anglers tool bag.

  • Size: 3.5-5"
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide

 The V & M Thunder Shads swimbaits can be fished on an A-rig, weighted or un-weighted swimbait hook, on a small ball jig head, behind a spinnerbait or bladed jig or even on an under spin. This small bait fish initiator is designed to fit perfectly into any situation in which a compact paddle tail swimbait is needed.

  • Reel:  6:1+
  • Rod:  7'- 7' 6" medium heavy rod.  A bit of a tip for casting action helps.
  • Line:  fluorocarbon 12-15lb

  If there is one thing for certain bass eat bait fish and pan fish and often times they will target these fish over any other forage in the lake. Having a soft plastic that mimics this forage (and mimics them well) can be a game changer when you are looking for a bite. The Thunder Shad is one of those types of plastics. With multiply ways to rig as well as a bunch of awesome fish catching colors this swimbait can be used to catch fish in about any situation an angler may find themselves in.

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