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The Z-Man® TRD TicklerZ Soft Plastic Bait is the most productive all-around Ned Rig profile created after years of testing and refining. These durable lures boast buoyant material that stands up off bottom at rest for a more realistic and lively presentation to entice nearby bish.


  • 2.75” stickbait-tube hybrid is ideal for a variety of finesse applications
  • Solid body for easy rigging on Finesse ShroomZ, NedlockZ, and Finesse BulletZ jigheads
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® formula outlasts other soft plastics by a wide margin
  • Dimpled body coupled with extra-soft, salt-impregnated composition results in extremely natural, lifelike texture
  • Model: ZMZMTTIC

  • Product weight: 1/5 oz.
  • MSRP: $4.99
  • Available at: Dick’s Sporting Goods retailers or exclusively through MONSTERBASS

The Z-Man TRD TicklerZ and ShroomZ jig heads were designed to pair up perfectly with one another.  The TRD lineup of baits from Z-Man was built for ned-rigging; a very finesse profile meant to trigger bites when the fishing is tough.  This bait can be fished at all depths, but works best in shallower water - around 10 feet or less. Pair this up with a 6’9”-7’3” medium light or medium spinning setup.  Many anglers fish this on light line - some opting for a braid mainline (10-20lb test braid), to a fluorocarbon leader (6-10 lb test).

The most common presentation for a ned rig is to very slowly drag it along the bottom around areas that you know fish are living.  Particularly effective around shallow cover such as rocks, gravel, grass, or isolated pieces of shallow wood where fish are living, this combination will trigger both numbers of fish, as well as big bass!


  • Reel:  5:2:1
  • Rod:  ML spinning rod with a soft tip
  • Line: 6-8 lb flurocarbon

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