Rainbow Lake, which is managed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, is located near the heart of Lakeside at 6,760 feet (2,060 m). The land surrounding the lake is privately owned and inaccessible to the public; however, the Department owns a small parcel of land adjacent to the dam, and maintains it for public fishing and recreational boating.Rainbow Lake is 116 acres (0.47 km2), and has a maximum depth of 14 feet (4.3 m) and an average depth of 7 feet (2.1 m). Currently, the Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks catchable-sized rainbow trout in the spring and early summer. Naturally propagating warm water species include largemouth bass, channel catfish, black bullhead, bluegill and green sunfish. The lake also contains illegally introduced northern pike. Because it is shallow and weedy, Rainbow Lake is subject to water quality problems.

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