Our Mission

To Celebrate our love for fishing

and the great outdoors by helping our community become better anglers & have more fun every time we hit the water. It’s that simple.

Community as a pillar

At the core of everything we do is community. 

MONSTERBASS is made up a group of passionate people with a shared love for fishing.  We come together to become better anglers. To share in our victories and support one another in our losses.

We're proud of our freedom to enjoy the outdoors for everything that it has to offer us.  Whether it’s the simple joy of a walk to our favorite fishing spot or the memories we shared with our mothers & fathers or the ones we're making with our children. There's a little MONSTERBASS in all of us.

We Celebrate Community


Becoming a better angler requires effort. Preparation & time on the water are what count and we're doing everything that we can to prepare you for the time you spend on the water. We've created a library of more than 200 instructional videos to help you prepare. The rest... well that's up to you.