Get the best baits for the places you love to fish.

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Get the best baits for the places you love to fish!

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Meet your Pro.
Ben Nowak

He's lives & fishes in the Midwest & Great Lakes region. His job is to select the baits we send you.

Meet your Pro.
Alex Rudd

He helps to select the baits we send you in the South region.

Meet your Pro.
Travis Manson

Travis is going to hook you up with the baits you need to land lunkers in the Northeast region.

How It Works

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The BEST brands. The BEST baits. MONSTERBASS is the BEST box.

So, what's the catch?

There isn't one. Seriously. No fine print. No BS. Still not sure? Keep reading...


MONSTERBASS is the only fishing subscription box company that is 100% focused on bass fishing. 
We know bass fishing and we know it better than other subscription box company on the planet.  

Sign up today and tell us which part of the United States you live and fish in.  We'll immediately prepare a kit for you containing the best baits, for the area of the country where you live & fish, so that you can catch bigger bass, every time you hit the water. 

At MONSTERBASS we have an entire team of experts who have 1 job to do... and that's to recommend the baits we send to you each month.  Our team is comprised of a 2-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, an FLW Forrest Wood Cup Champion, current elite tournament Pros, industry experts & some of your favorite YouTube fishing stars.  

Every bait or terminal tackle that you'll receive is carefully selected for you and is ready to use on the ponds, lakes & rivers you fish, and at the time of year that you receive it.  We're bass fisherman, and we know that the baits you'd throw in Florida right now, are not the same baits you'd throw in say New York.  And that's why we've assembled this team for you.

Join today and get your kit containing the best baits for the places where you live and fish! 

When will my kit ship?

Sign up today and your box will ship within 2 business days.  Why 2 business days? Because if you make a mistake with your order, it gives us 2 days to fix it before it ships.  Once it leaves the warehouse, we'll send you a FedEx tracking number.

Are you going to charge me for shipping or are there other hidden fees

Never. Your kit will always ship for free with a Fedex tracking number so you can wait anxiously by the door for your kit to arrive.

Is this like one of those other clubs that are impossible to cancel?

Nope. You can cancel or put your subscription on hold, at any time and for any reason. We hope you’ll stay, but we make it easy to leave with just a couple of clicks.

Do you fill the box with cheap China knockoffs like the other guys?

No way! Never. MONSTERBASS is a premium subscription and we’ll never send you no-name crap like that.