Designed Differently

We do things differently at MONSTERBASS.

Our baits are designed to attract bigger bass in order to help you catch your personal best.

They’re designed in the USA to ensure they have the correct balance and realistic presentation expected by tournament anglers.

At MONSTERBASS we’re not satisfied until our customers are and no other brand goes to these lengths to create angler-approved, retail-ready fishing tackle.

MONSTERBASS Presents the Mad Max Popper

MONSTERBASS Presents the Mad Max Popper

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No worries we are here to help you.

What makes our retail program great?

Our Customer Service. We’re there to help you from order confirmation to delivery and more. We've got you covered every step of the way.

Do you maintain sufficient inventory to support a retail program?

We maintain nearly at capacity stock levels & have a 99%+ Fill Rate.

How often do you release new products to market?

We release 6 -10 new products every year with new and relevant bait designs.

How do you market your brand to support your retail partners?

We have excellent brand representation through our pro staff and social media.

I'm interested in learning more or have questions. Who do I contact?

I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding retail partnerships.

Davy Taff

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