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Start Catching Fish on a Lipless | Tips and Tricks to Start Using this Technique
The lipless crankbait is a lure that can catch fish year round. Whether in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, a lipless crank can catch fish unless it gets cold enough for ice to form. Even then, many anglers up north will even use lipless crankbaits through the ice and vertical jig them. With the different amount of ways you can present a lipless to the bass, it's a bait that needs to be in everyone's tackle box.
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Staying Safe On the Ice 101
Ice fishing can be some of the most exciting and rewarding types of fishing for those willing to brave the cold! However, being on the water in temperatures below freezing can also pose multiple risks to anglers. Knowing how to act and react when something goes wrong on the ice will make you feel much safer while ice fishing, but more importantly, could save your life if something were to go wrong.
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